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Even the most enthusiastic internet addict needs to discover who is hiding behind the impersonal barricade of the web site. Please allow me to briefly introduce myself.

My name is Jeetendra kochhar and I am the owner of ‘The Luxury Collection’. My professional background has been with Aviation

However, having spent about 15 years as a successful Aviation professional in 2 of the leading World Class airlines, I decided to live for my passion and consequently dedicated myself to the world of watches.

For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated with watches, and over the years have not only researched them extensively but have also owned and traded some of the most aspirational watch brands in the world.

In my years of experience, I have realized that as popular and exclusive brand new, high-end, off the shelf watches are, there is an equal amount of demand, id=f not more, for pre-owned luxury watches. This sector is indeed very particular and developing very quickly.

Very particular because it covers the broad spectrum of luxury items that people love surrounding themselves with, and gifting their loved ones.

  1. The price, of course
  2. A well maintained watch does not get easily damaged/worn out, as opposed to other daily use commodities
  3. There is a one year guarantee offered on our watches along with unparalleled after-sales service
  4. We offer a buy-back option on the watches at an amazing discount, which enables customers to regularly change their watches

My shop/company is established in Mumbai, India but I have a strong network of correspondents located in France, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Holland, USA, Hong Kong and in the Middle East. I also extensively travel all around the world for watch fairs/auctions/seminars which keep me updated on the latest global trends in this market.

As a result, I can provide you with a model of almost any watch, either brand new or pre-owned in excellent condition. Furthermore, we receive proposals for dozens watches everyday - we can't buy them all but we will definitely keep our eyes open for you! So please feel free to ask.

I would be pleased to personally respond to all your requests that you can formulate by email.

Remaining at your disposition,

Sincerely yours,

Jeetendra kochhar.


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Riddhik Trading Co., G-2, Vaishali Shopping Center, V.M.Road, JVPD Scheme,
Mumbai:400 049

T : +91 982 001 9744  

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